June 2021 marks the first anniversary of Arjun Kumar working for me at Design Axl—I could not be more thrilled to have him. He has not only been a great designer and comrade over this trying year—he has inspired and elevated the work of Design Axl. …

I know we’re all set with 2020—and on to 2021—but I feel the need to reflect on some of the silver linings to officially scratch 2020 off the list.

Teaching was difficult — but amazing work still persevered — client work made me grateful — but never compromised — and I could not have asked for more from my family. I am so grateful for many things and pray for everyone’s health and safety now and throughout 2021. …

A reflection on a very challenging yet rewarding year for Design Axl and design teaching at Boston University.

2019 Design Axl postcard: If you’d like one, let me know!

Happy 2019

I’ve enjoyed working on some really awesome projects with some great partners and clients. I’ve also been able to build a design curriculum in lockstep with client work and vice versa. Please read on to see some highlights from the past year.

UI and UX and AR, oh my!

I’m sure there are a few acronyms I…

(Original post Spring 2018 — check for latest updates here) It’s official, my one year Lecturer position is coming to a close and I have been offered—and accepted—the position of Assistant Professor of Art, Graphic Design at BU!

Photo by Liz Linder

It’s been a very exciting year juggling all new classes, new clients, and at the same time preparing to apply for the Assistant Professor position. It was a lengthy application process which included meeting with the National Search Committee, the Director of the School of Visual Arts, and the Dean…

Vaughan Oliver is an award-winning, legendary graphic designer, artist, and author of several books, including Exhibition/Exposition and This Rimy River.

Vaughan Oliver workshop RISD: James Grady, Camila Afanador, and Milan Nedved

James Grady: I had this revelation, and it was through my daughter, Joy, and all of these different things going on at once. Then reflecting back on the workshop I had with you where I felt really liberated, and I wasn’t forcing a conceptual narrative or social policy on what…

At the intersection of theory and practice

Design Axl is led by James Grady, a Boston-based designer and educator with nearly two decades of broad-based experience. James’ design approach is a powerful combination of theory and execution. …

Happy new year! It’s been an eventful one. I’ve been off the radar for a while in flux with my career and I’m really excited to reflect on this past year.

Photo by Liz Linder

Boston University

In July, I left a long standing post at Fathom Information Design to pursue a full-time teaching position at Boston University in the College of Fine Arts. This fall, I created new syllabi and taught graduate and undergraduate students in the Graphic Design Department. It has been both extremely challenging…

James Grady

Principal, Design Axl & Assistant Professor of Graphic Design, Boston University

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