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At the intersection of theory and practice

James Grady
2 min readJan 20, 2018

Design Axl is led by James Grady, a Boston-based designer and educator with nearly two decades of broad-based experience. James’ design approach is a powerful combination of theory and execution. Informed by an empirically based methodology that he developed as part of his MFA thesis at Rhode Island School of Design, it encourages a deeper level of creative exploration, which he balances with an unparalleled understanding of brand and visual communication.

Process diagram

This intersection of education and practice continues to inform Design Axl’s creative approach. As an instructor of Graphic Design at Boston University, James has a unique testing ground to develop new ideas and share them with young, engaged students eager to push the boundaries of what design can do.

Graduate MFA student presentations, Boston University

Central to our approach is close collaboration with clients. We become an extension of your team, working side by side with your executives, engineers, and marketing to shape your organization’s brand. You help us understand the mission of your organization and the power of your data, we find novel, impactful ways to visually communicate that story, and why it matters to the world.

Stay on the look out for more process and methodology in the weeks to come. Drop me a line with questions or comments.

James Grady
Designer | Educator
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James Grady

Principal, Design Axl & Assistant Professor of Graphic Design, Boston University