• Jeffrey Waldman

    Jeffrey Waldman

  • Janne Aukia

    Janne Aukia

    UX designer & JS dev with interest in data visualization. Is there something I can help you with?

  • Brandon Le

    Brandon Le

    Always learning, doing, and exploring. Formerly @yc @mit, @supplywireless

  • Anna Farmery

    Anna Farmery

    Speaker, Author and Social Marketing Architect - Building Engaging Brands

  • Adam Lucas

    Adam Lucas

  • Tera Hatfield

    Tera Hatfield

    Head of product design @dasbrigade. Classy sneaker wearer. Architecture expat. Previously @Torch.app and W+K Lodge. Say hello, I fight for good.

  • qshim


    Assistant Professor of Design at Carnegie Mellon University

  • chuckgon


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