T3 Advisors web design process

T3 Advisors’ focus is on real estate and workplace solutions for the world’s most innovative companies.

Research and Planning

T3 site audit

+ Simplify. Simplify. Simplify.
+ Tell the story—Why T3?
+ Showcase the team — It’s all about the people!
+ Outline the T3 Method—Design Thinking for Real Estate
+ New videos and case studies—Show don’t tell
+ Call to action—Get more face to face meetings

Information architecture

Information architecture plan

Visual direction

T3 offices San Francisco, Boston, and Palo Alto
Mood boards
Motion studies and 3D stills



Site launch at T3’s annual retreat

Some kind words from T3

Once our team at T3 decided to revamp our website, I spent a lot of time researching design and development firms. I wanted to work with someone who was a focused expert in design and could make a beautiful site, as well as make the notoriously painful website redesign process somewhat enjoyable. After talking with about six firms, I received a referral from another design firm to talk to James. I could tell right away that James was not only an expert in design, but he was also an incredibly thoughtful and genuine person I could trust.

James led the entire project and easily managed our team’s many voices and ideas. Throughout the process, every single person on our team who interacted with James would tell me how impressed they were with him and how much they enjoyed working with him. The process and communications were clear from the beginning, and I can honestly say that I look back on the project with fondness. On a personal level, I loved learning more about design through working with James, but our entire team also really appreciated how he communicated his design choices, helping us feel even more proud of our new site.

The site feels so much like “us.” It’s an unbelievably better reflection of our brand, our people, our services, and what it’s like to actually work with us.

As a firm that also works in the professional services industry, we at T3 feel proud when we can make our clients look good. James did that for me — I got the credit of launching a successful new website, but it was all because I chose the right partner. I can’t sing his praises enough and would recommend anyone work with him that wants an enjoyable process and a thoughtful, beautiful end result.

Natalie Taylor, Marketing Director at T3 Advisors

What’s next?



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