We’re on to Twenty One

I know we’re all set with 2020—and on to 2021—but I feel the need to reflect on some of the silver linings to officially scratch 2020 off the list.

Process sketches along with the ever-present COVID-19 signs at BU

Augmented Reality

From top left to right: AR test, research books, and final review zoom command center

Design for Space and Screen

As part of our effort to protect the community and safely conduct residential teaching, learning, and research activities, we operate our own clinical testing lab, which can test at large volumes and return results rapidly.

Left to Right: 808 COVID Gallery and some conflicting messages

As described in BU Today, the aim of LfA is to present the same academic content to all students, whether they are in a classroom, in a BU residence, or in another country, and to allow all students to take part in equivalent learning activities.

From top left to right: Students presenting in class while others participate remotely, large scale installation, and critique

Interdisciplinary Performance

Students participating in the X-Lab are provided with opportunities to work on a wide range of computer science and software engineering projects on behalf of external partners from diverse sectors.

The goal of this project is to combine computer vision and generative graphics to create an application that can be used to follow and track actors on the play stage. The students have been working with technologies that allow them to interpret the data that is being created from the camera, recognize human forms, and then create visual effects coming from the human skeleton in order to simulate complementary effects.

Projection lab testing at the Booth Theater

Design Axl keeps rolling

Arjun + James celebrating 2021 👍
MediaVax UX/UI process diagram
MediaVax app screenshots
Work in progress: Trio Health
CIZ logo sketches



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James Grady

Principal, Design Axl & Assistant Professor of Graphic Design, Boston University