What makes Graphic Design Professor James Grady excited about teaching at BU?

“We figure out what excites a student the most and we help make it happen.”

What is graphic design?

“The beauty of graphic design is, it’s still being defined. It’s not tied to a particular medium. It doesn’t need to be a poster or even typography, although those are some of the tools we use.”

What are some of the strengths of the BU programs in graphic design, (MFA and Certificate)?

Can you talk about the MFA Thesis?

“The programs are built to assist the students through the long term, not just create a portfolio style to get a job.”

So it’s not just about a portfolio but about developing a process or processes?

How much experience if any, should an MFA applicant have?

“We give them real world projects. We do that in the context of a fine arts college which encourages them to be more divergent in how they think about graphic design as an independent field.”

Same question for Certificate applicants.

Is the graphic design faculty composed of professionals in the field?

If New York City is the media center, why shouldn’t a student get their MFA or Certificate there?

“I just took some people around the studios last week and they were blown away.”

Can you talk about the graphic design facilities here at BU?

“In academia, we’re told you can’t cross boundaries but I’ve been able to do it easily here. There are so many opportunities for collaboration between design and technology here.”

Anything you want to add?

See more about James Grady’s teaching and student work here: profgrady.com




Principal, Design Axl & Assistant Professor of Graphic Design, Boston University

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James Grady

James Grady

Principal, Design Axl & Assistant Professor of Graphic Design, Boston University

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